Go For Yours

Episode 2 October 14, 2020 01:31:34
Go For Yours
Symphonic | Next Up
Go For Yours

Oct 14 2020 | 01:31:34


Show Notes

NEXT UP is back with episode two, entitled "Go For Yours". This episode features interviews from singer/songwriter/rapper, Dynasty who always goes for it and doesn't let anyone hold her back. She does what she feels she needs to do to excel and get ahead and we couldn't be prouder. Also featured is a Florida based artist named DJ Winn who has a solid new album out and great music from Symphonic clients. This episode is also a tribute to Kenosobi Hercules of Gwan Massive who was tragically taken from us way too soon and we finish the episode with his song "Stand For Something".

Fashion - IMJS
Sean P East ft Ben Frank Jr - Countin Hunnits
Dynasty - D.Y.L.A.
Dynasty Interview
Cooli Booli - Slidin'
Jinx ft Shelby Sol - Won't Forget Your Name
The Rukus - Lay Up Drill
DJ Winn ft 6co & Slugga - Menace
DJ Winn Interview
Darci - Come Around
Starr - No Favors
Kenosboi ft Mike Mass and Keith Elite - Stand For Something

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